Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tonneau Covers from

Tonneau Covers are flat covers that extend straight over the top edge of truck beds, front to back and side to side. These covers have become perhaps the most popular truck accessory. A tonneau cover provides security for your gear and tools, and also protects the contents of your truck bed from rain and snow. Tonneau covers will enhance a pickup trucks appearance by complimenting other truck accessories. Also, studies have shown that a tonneau will increase your fuel mileage by reducing wind drag in a pickup truck bed. offers many different brands and styles of tonneaus and bed covers. Below are the some of the basic types. 

Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Roll up covers, such as TruXedo and Access Cover, are the most common and least expensive tonneau. They are usually made of industrial strength vinyl with sewn in support bows. Roll up tonneaus fasten to your truck bed rails with a heavy duty velcro like material. When rolled up all the way they are stored at the front of your truck bed.  

Retractable Tonneau Covers
Retractable covers, like Pace Edwards and Roll-N-Lock, operate very much like a garage door. They can be made of an aluminum support structure sandwiched between vinyl or other materials. A canister mounted at the front of you truck bed rails will contain the cover itself as it is rolled up. Typically retractable covers can be key locked to your truck tailgate. Some are electric and can open or close automatically with the touch of a remote button.

Folding Tonneaus
Folding covers, such as the Bak Flip, are two, three, or four rigid structural. The panels are folded up depending on how much truck bed space you need.   

Hard Lid Bed Covers
Hard bed covers are a one piece solid unit that usually is hinged at the front of your truck bed. The Undercover brand for instance, can easily be removed for full pickup truck bed use.

So whether you drive a Ford Super-Duty or a Toyota Tacoma, or a Chevy S-10 you have a lot to choose from when deciding which tonneau would be the best accessory for your truck.

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