Thursday, March 17, 2016

The New 2017 Honda Ridgeline, look for it in the Fall of 2016.

The first Ridgeline had some novel features, such as a two-way tailgate and a lockable trunk/beer cooler recessed in its bed. But it also had critics, traditionalists who insisted that trucks without separate frames are as useless as stockings without garters. 10 Years has passed since that first Ridgeline launched and, with unibody crossovers having all but supplanted body-on-frame SUVs, the market might be more accepting. Honda is no doubt remembering the Ridgeline’s strong initial sales, before everyone including Honda lost interest in it. And they’re certainly calculating what an additional 40,000 to 50,000 annual units will add to the bottom line.

The new 2017 Ridgeline will share the 2016 Pilot’s direct-injected 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic, as well as its four-wheel-drive system. Output should be similar, at close to 300 horses.

Keep an eye out for this exciting new pickup. We sure hope it performs as good as it looks!, Your Truck and SUV Accessory Outlet

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pickup Truck Tool Boxes and Storage Solutions from

If your job requires you to transport tools to and from the work site a pickup truck toolbox from is what you need. Tools aren't the only thing truck boxes are used for, recreational items or emergency equipment as well as groceries or other items that need protection from the elements or prying eyes. There are several different styles and materials to choose from. We'll discuss a few here.

When considering a tool box, you must first think about what you want to place in the box and where you want to place it. Certain factors like toppers, tonneau covers, ladder racks and fifth wheel or gooseneck hitches might interfere with operation or placement and will limit the amount of options on truck tool boxes. 

One of the most popular designs is the "crossover" box, which is installed directly behind the cab and sits on the bed rails. Other boxes include side storage boxes called "innersides" or "topsiders", which are attached to one side of the bed, and tailgate boxes, which are installed next to the gate. 

The Crossover tool box style is the most common style for a pickup truck bed. It fits across the front of your truck's bed behind the cab. Typically crossover style tool boxes are available in a single lid model or a double lid model. Options include extra deep for added storage area, low profile for added visibility into your bed, slimline to save space and accommodate certain hitches, or even extra wide and deep for maximum capacity. 

The various style of side boxes offer additional storage and compliment a crossover box. Topside tool boxes are a rectangular shape and mount on top of the truck bed rail. Innerside tool boxes also mount down the side of the truck bed rail but partially drop down into the bed due to their "L" shape. 

Underbody boxes, designed for utility beds and commercial applications, mount underneath the truck bed to save valuable space on top.

Wheel Well tool boxes are pork chop shaped boxes that sit right on top of the wheel wells and can be accessed from the side of the truck.

A chest tool box is very popular and in most cases offers the maximum storage capacity because it has no notches or cut outs.

Storage drawers are great for organizing tools, equipment and other small items like fasteners. The drawers mount near the tailgate for easy access. These drawer models are very popular for contractors.

Most truck tool boxes are available in diamond plate aluminum as well as black diamond plate and white steel too. Diamond plate provides a nice chrome finish with a rugged non-slip look. The smooth steel models compliment the truck's body. These options will make it easy to ensure a nice match to your truck as well as the needed functionality.

So whether it's a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota or Nissan pickup truck, has the box for you! We choose only the finest quality manufacturers who provide premium workmanship and materials. Our brands include Delta Storage, Delta Pro, Jobox and UWS tool boxes.

Whatever your tool box choice might be, PLEASE use the tool box dimension charts to insure a proper fit and function for your pickup.

And as always "If you can't find what you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tonneau Covers from

Tonneau Covers are flat covers that extend straight over the top edge of truck beds, front to back and side to side. These covers have become perhaps the most popular truck accessory. A tonneau cover provides security for your gear and tools, and also protects the contents of your truck bed from rain and snow. Tonneau covers will enhance a pickup trucks appearance by complimenting other truck accessories. Also, studies have shown that a tonneau will increase your fuel mileage by reducing wind drag in a pickup truck bed. offers many different brands and styles of tonneaus and bed covers. Below are the some of the basic types. 

Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Roll up covers, such as TruXedo and Access Cover, are the most common and least expensive tonneau. They are usually made of industrial strength vinyl with sewn in support bows. Roll up tonneaus fasten to your truck bed rails with a heavy duty velcro like material. When rolled up all the way they are stored at the front of your truck bed.  

Retractable Tonneau Covers
Retractable covers, like Pace Edwards and Roll-N-Lock, operate very much like a garage door. They can be made of an aluminum support structure sandwiched between vinyl or other materials. A canister mounted at the front of you truck bed rails will contain the cover itself as it is rolled up. Typically retractable covers can be key locked to your truck tailgate. Some are electric and can open or close automatically with the touch of a remote button.

Folding Tonneaus
Folding covers, such as the Bak Flip, are two, three, or four rigid structural. The panels are folded up depending on how much truck bed space you need.   

Hard Lid Bed Covers
Hard bed covers are a one piece solid unit that usually is hinged at the front of your truck bed. The Undercover brand for instance, can easily be removed for full pickup truck bed use.

So whether you drive a Ford Super-Duty or a Toyota Tacoma, or a Chevy S-10 you have a lot to choose from when deciding which tonneau would be the best accessory for your truck.

"If you can't find the accessory you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pickup Truck Ladder Racks and other Contractor Accessories @

Ladder racks are steel or aluminum structures that mount in your truck bed & help organize your storage area when using your truck for long, large loads, like ladders, lumber, pipe or even canoes. There are a few different styles available. "Over The Cab" racks mount using four legs at the corners of your pickup truck bed or could also mount on top of your bed. "Quick Pack", also referred to as "Weekenders", have two legs and mount on one side of your bed.

Let's examine the KargoMaster racks available from

The Pro III "Over The Cab" Truck Rack is designed with adjustable front legs that allow the rack to fit trucks with long or short bed. KargoMaster's Pro III Truck Rack is available for full size and compact pick up trucks. The rack is built with 1-5/8" diameter round steel tubes with a wall thickness of .083”, which offers a 1,000 lb. loading capacity. Its sleek round tube design significantly reduces wind drag and noise and provides uniform load distribution that results in a sturdier rack . All Kargo Master truck racks are treated with zinc primer and marine grade powder coat to achieve excellent corrosion and UV resistance. Kargo Master features 5" swagged joints and gusseted cross bars for increased durability and strength. Full 17" long pre-drilled foot plates ensure the cargo rack is securely fastened to your truck bed. The Pro III includes yellow zinc dichromate finished hardware that resists corrosion. Convenient T-Bolts are also included to minimize the need to drill your truck bed. The rear bar is designed to be removed without any tools to allow clearance for storing large objects or cargo. Rigid side channel rails are designed with a handy grab that loops at the back of the truck. The Kargo Master Pro III Series Truck Rack is a high quality rack that comes with a reasonable price tag.

The KargoMaster "Quick Pack" rack makes it easy to carry your load without detracting from the appearance of your rig. The rugged 1 1/2″ square steel tube uprights are easily removed in seconds from the upright supports that remain permanently in place out of sight below the truck bed rails. The Quick Pack Ladder Rack is perfect for carrying ladders, kyacks, lumber and other light-weight rigid cargo.
*NOTE: KargoMaster's Pro III and Quick Pack racks will not fit step side trucks.

Either style of rack is a great contractor accessory. Stop by and take a look. And while you're there check out some of our other great contractor accessories like truck tool boxes for added security, floor liners to protect your interior while in the field, bed liners and bed mats that prevent cargo slippage and dents, headache racks to ensure your back window is not damaged by your load, transfer tanks and pumps for refueling in rural areas, and much more...

And as always "If you can't find what you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fuel Transfer Tanks and Pumps @

A transfer tank is a safe container for combustible fluids and certain other liquids, designed specifically for transferring fuel from the bed of a pickup truck to other trucks, equipment in the field or heavy machinery. Fuel transfer tanks range in size and shape, to fit your needs. L-Shaped transfer tanks are specifically designed to fit underneath a crossover tool box. Rectangle or Square tanks are also available, in several different sizes. Transfer tanks are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a durable powder coat finish or heavy gauge aluminum, and contain interior baffles that prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcement. A lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up. These tanks have flanges for secure and safe mounting, and most have built in lifting rings for moving the empty tank. The fuel transfer tanks offered at are pressure tested for reliability.
"Combo" style transfer tanks come with a tool box attached for extra storage of tools, pumps or other items.

A pump is usually needed to transfer your fuel or other liquid from a transfer tank. offers Great Plains Industries, a line of transfer pumps designed specifically for agricultural fueling, construction fueling and fleet fueling applications. GPI pumps are 100% functionally tested to ensure years of dependable service. GPI pumps are offered in manual or electric and include a nozzle, grounded hose and suction pipe. Warranty coverage is two years!

Whether it's work or play, offers you the best options when deciding on accessories for your truck.

And as always "If you can't find the truck accessory you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Truck & SUV Floor Liners by Husky @

Protecting your car or truck during the wet and muddy winter months is essential. Husky Liners ClassicStyle™ floor liners found at are custom fitting floor mats designed to fit the complex contours of your Chevy / GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep or Toyota’s carpeted floor areas, including the front, 2nd and 3rd seat floor areas as well as truck and cargo spaces. 
Perfect for families, pet owners and everyone else, these floor liners provide the coverage and protection not available with a common flat floor mat.  Your vehicle’s carpeted floor areas will be protected from muddy boots, wet paws and spills when you use Husky Liners floor liners available at 
By purchasing Husky Liners Classic Style™ floor mats, you will be shielding your car or truck’s carpet from any stains or damage that can be caused by the salt, sand or gravel applied to roads during the winter. Floor mats from Husky Liners will keep the interior of your vehicle clean during those cold weather months and help keep your vehicle in its best condition.
Made with a patented, rubberized thermo-plastic material that won’t crack or break, Husky Liners Classic Style™ features a rugged looking diamond tread pattern with patented nibs to help keep your floor liners from shifting. The custom fit design, raised containment walls and tread pattern of the Classic Style™ keep spills on the floor mat and your feet out of the mess.
Speaking of mess, the effectiveness of Husky Liners floor mats is evident when you vacuum under your mats.  These custom fit floor mats keep your Chevy / GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep or Toyota vehicle’s carpeted floor areas looking brand new.  Floor liners are not the only product at that can preserve that new car feel. Cargo liners are a great way to keep the trunk and cargo areas clean of debris. Easy to install and clean, cargo liners are a must for drivers who haul a lot of material, have pets or use their trunk or cargo area as their storage locker!
For more information on Husky Liners Classic Style™ floorliners, cargo liners or other truck accessories including grille gruards, toolboxes, tonneau covers, nerf bars and more check out

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Truck Accessories from

A Truck Accessory is an aftermarket part that is used to enhance the style or functionality of a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle. Truck accessories are different from replacement parts, usually referred to as "hard parts" or "cores" which include brake calipers, alternators, water & steering pumps, radiators and other similar items that originally came on the truck.
Some of today's most requested accessories for trucks and SUVs include nerf bars & running boards, grille guards & bumper replacements, tonneau covers, truck tool boxes, floor liners and bed liners
Truck accessories for appearance did not become truly popular until the '90s. Beforehand manufacturers including Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and Jeep, as well as other manufacturers, considered their light-duty trucks & SUVs as work vehicles and did little to accommodate styling accessories. Aftermarket accessory suppliers were focused on work enhancing accessories such as snow plows and lift gates. However, the market options expanded as manufacturers began to grow with a selection of pick-up truck sizes. With the emergence of the extended cab, trucks started taking a more urban appeal and were purchased for their looks as well as functionality. 
The new breed of truck owner wanted more than just a tool box to accessorize their vehicles. That began the industry wide development of accessories that would enhance the look and performance of the vehicle. Manufacturers started to accommodate the demand with products like chrome trimpower programmers, louvered tailgates, window visors and hood deflectors.
If you are considering accessories for your truck or SUV, check out (a division of Meadow Creek Truck). Since 1983 Truck Logic has been a leading supplier of top quality aftermarket Truck & SUV accessories. We have taken the guessing out of truck accessories by offering only the best products from our industry's finest and most reliable manufacturers, like Delta Tool Boxes, Ranch Hand Grill Guards and Ranch Hand Bumper ReplacementsWeatherTech Floor Liners, Bak Industries Pro Caps & Bak Tonneau Covers, Kargomaster Ladder RacksTruxedo Tonneaus and many more.

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact TruckLogic (800)545-4605. If it's made we'll get it.