Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fuel Transfer Tanks and Pumps @ TruckLogic.com

A transfer tank is a safe container for combustible fluids and certain other liquids, designed specifically for transferring fuel from the bed of a pickup truck to other trucks, equipment in the field or heavy machinery. Fuel transfer tanks range in size and shape, to fit your needs. L-Shaped transfer tanks are specifically designed to fit underneath a crossover tool box. Rectangle or Square tanks are also available, in several different sizes. Transfer tanks are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a durable powder coat finish or heavy gauge aluminum, and contain interior baffles that prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcement. A lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up. These tanks have flanges for secure and safe mounting, and most have built in lifting rings for moving the empty tank. The fuel transfer tanks offered at TruckLogic.com are pressure tested for reliability.
"Combo" style transfer tanks come with a tool box attached for extra storage of tools, pumps or other items.

A pump is usually needed to transfer your fuel or other liquid from a transfer tank. TruckLogic.com offers Great Plains Industries, a line of transfer pumps designed specifically for agricultural fueling, construction fueling and fleet fueling applications. GPI pumps are 100% functionally tested to ensure years of dependable service. GPI pumps are offered in manual or electric and include a nozzle, grounded hose and suction pipe. Warranty coverage is two years!

Whether it's work or play, TruckLogic.com offers you the best options when deciding on accessories for your truck.

And as always "If you can't find the truck accessory you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."

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  1. I think that it would be kind of cool to drive a fuel transfer truck. I have never really driven that big of a vehicle before, but I want to drive one eventually. It is just really fun to be in big vehicles that have a higher view.