Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pickup Truck Tool Boxes and Storage Solutions from TruckLogic.com

If your job requires you to transport tools to and from the work site a pickup truck toolbox from TruckLogic.com is what you need. Tools aren't the only thing truck boxes are used for, recreational items or emergency equipment as well as groceries or other items that need protection from the elements or prying eyes. There are several different styles and materials to choose from. We'll discuss a few here.

When considering a tool box, you must first think about what you want to place in the box and where you want to place it. Certain factors like toppers, tonneau covers, ladder racks and fifth wheel or gooseneck hitches might interfere with operation or placement and will limit the amount of options on truck tool boxes. 

One of the most popular designs is the "crossover" box, which is installed directly behind the cab and sits on the bed rails. Other boxes include side storage boxes called "innersides" or "topsiders", which are attached to one side of the bed, and tailgate boxes, which are installed next to the gate. 

The Crossover tool box style is the most common style for a pickup truck bed. It fits across the front of your truck's bed behind the cab. Typically crossover style tool boxes are available in a single lid model or a double lid model. Options include extra deep for added storage area, low profile for added visibility into your bed, slimline to save space and accommodate certain hitches, or even extra wide and deep for maximum capacity. 

The various style of side boxes offer additional storage and compliment a crossover box. Topside tool boxes are a rectangular shape and mount on top of the truck bed rail. Innerside tool boxes also mount down the side of the truck bed rail but partially drop down into the bed due to their "L" shape. 

Underbody boxes, designed for utility beds and commercial applications, mount underneath the truck bed to save valuable space on top.

Wheel Well tool boxes are pork chop shaped boxes that sit right on top of the wheel wells and can be accessed from the side of the truck.

A chest tool box is very popular and in most cases offers the maximum storage capacity because it has no notches or cut outs.

Storage drawers are great for organizing tools, equipment and other small items like fasteners. The drawers mount near the tailgate for easy access. These drawer models are very popular for contractors.

Most truck tool boxes are available in diamond plate aluminum as well as black diamond plate and white steel too. Diamond plate provides a nice chrome finish with a rugged non-slip look. The smooth steel models compliment the truck's body. These options will make it easy to ensure a nice match to your truck as well as the needed functionality.

So whether it's a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota or Nissan pickup truck, TruckLogic.com has the box for you! We choose only the finest quality manufacturers who provide premium workmanship and materials. Our brands include Delta Storage, Delta Pro, Jobox and UWS tool boxes.

Whatever your tool box choice might be, PLEASE use the TruckLogic.com tool box dimension charts to insure a proper fit and function for your pickup.

And as always "If you can't find what you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."


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